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The table tennis Panda Cup attracted a large number of children
2022-10-31 02:16

The Panda Cup organized by the table tennis club Bosna  was held today in Sarajevo as part of the 2nd international table tennis tournament Bosna Open 2022 and attracted a large number of children from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region.

30 participants aged 6 to 11 years old competed on the first day of the tournament. Finally, Luka Sučić and Mia Hadžović won the most successful participant in the category of the youngest cadets and female cadets respectively.

The tournament was supported by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The organizers provided cups and medals for the most successful competitors, and the representatives of the Embassy headed by the deputy ambassador, Mr. Miao Dake provided stuffed pandas for all participants of this Cup as a gift and prizes for the most successful ones. 

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